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Your legacy lives on through the power of conversation.

Have intimate video conversations with the people who matter most to you today, and those into the future. StoryFile Life gives you the chance to share your voice and your stories in a way that connects generations.

Father and son

“My prom was in 1956, and the last dance was 'The Great Pretender' by The Platters”

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"It was such a lovely wedding. And just a year later, you were born."

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StoryLines are sets of questions that we've devised to help get you started. They provide a foundation that everyone you choose to have a conversation with will enjoy and understand.

will help you tell stories about love and family, friendship, your career, travel and how you've seen and experienced the world. Record and share your video answers with friends and loved ones.

"Working in publishing in the mid-60s? ... where do I start?!"
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Start with a curated list of questions, then branch out to create a Complete StoryFile.

Subscribe to new topics and questions to take the conversation wherever you please. Open new, intimate dialogues by answering questions for your children, those you have experiences in common with, or for generations yet-to-come.

"To my great-great grandchildren: here's what it was like being 83 during Covid-19."

Imagine the people that matter most carrying you with them.

Once you record your StoryFile, you'll be able to share it with whoever you choose via your



StoryCircles are a way to organize the people that you share your story with. Your StoryCircle may grow when you're contacted by a long-lost relative, or you may decide to share certain videos with a broader audience. Your StoryCircle is yours, and your privacy is our priority.

You can even select specific dates for your StoryFile to be made public or shared, almost like a time capsule. Your privacy is paramount–and so is your family's legacy. Your family's legacy is important. We're here to help you bring it to live and share it with the world.

"My famous spaghetti and meatballs? I'm so happy you asked. Let's make it together."

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