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StoryFile Life Terms

StoryFile Life

is a web app that provides you with the opportunity to record answers to questions that are typically asked of a person about their life. The interface allows video recording and for face-to-face interaction and conversation with the people you love most, even after they are gone. This means that anyone you share with can begin a face-to-face conversation with you.


is a technology developed by StoryFile Inc. which enables your videos to be captured and automatically coded using AI to respond to questions people will ask you in the future.

StoryFile Inc.

is the company founded in 2017 to develop a groundbreaking natural conversation storytelling platform. StoryFile's mission is to enable conversational video to be accessible to all.

A StoryFile

is any group of answers to a set of questions about any subject. A StoryFile can be as few as two responses, to a limitless set of answers. Each StoryFile has a 'file' name - it could be your name or that of a beloved relative or friend. All of the answers in that StoryFile are unique to the individual. The creator of the StoryFile answers questions from a predetermined set of questions, known as a 'StoryLine'.

A StoryLine

is a set of questions about a particular topic or period of your life. For example 'career', 'passions and pastimes', 'favorite things'. They provide a foundation for the subject matter to be discussed.

To StoryFile

is the process of making a StoryFile conversational video.

A StoryFiler

is a person who creates a StoryFile conversational video or enjoys conversing with other people's StoryFiles.


are a way to organize the people that you share your story with. Your StoryCircle may grow when you're contacted by a long-lost relative, or you may decide to share certain videos with a broader audience. Your StoryCircle is yours, and your privacy is our priority.

A StoryTree

allows you to visualize all the life story connections on a relationship tree. This enables you to see how your family and friends are interwoven throughout your life adventures. For example you can see all the stories recorded by your mother or featuring your best friend. The StoryTree serves as an entry way to deeper conversation with your family and friend’s StoryFiles.

A StoryMap

plots all the locations and destinations that feature in your life story. Map out your journeys and adventures, then dive deeper into conversations from different places around the world.

Listening video

is when your StoryFile is listening to the question of a user and their converting speech to text. This is enabled by the 'Hold to Talk' button. All StoryFiles have a 'hot screen', which means a user can hold anywhere in the StoryFile screen to enable listening mode.


is when you decide to share your StoryFile with others. This can be in the close confines of your chosen 'StoryCircle' or on your chosen social media platform or simply by sending a link to your friends via email. All StoryFiles play on all devices connected to the internet, and so it is easy to make your StoryFile available to others.

StoryFile Credits

are a way to pay for multiple family members to record full StoryFiles.


Discounted package of questions, where you can customize the set of questions or select pre-made Gift Packs to give to someone special in your life.


Set of topics handpicked for someone special in your life.


are a list of question suggestions that can help you start a conversation if you don’t know what to ask.

Technical Concepts

Conversational Video

is the ability to ask questions of a video and get answers back. Questions can be asked of any StoryFile Life video file or other digital assets, such as photos, documents and audio. Each file is programmed to respond to a range of possible questions.


is the platform behind the scenes that enables all StoryFile Life videos to be collected, processed and published. It is the engine that allows you to film video answers that are automatically coded to be interactive.


is a means to apply audio to any media. For example when you load a photograph into your StoryFile you can describe who is in the photo, where it was taken and when. This process uses the Voxtagger feature of the StoryFile system.

Artificially Intelligent Interactive Memories

are video memories that are retrieved using artificial intelligence. The memories are stored in a knowledge base that can include neural networks and graphs. Memories can be triggered by verbal questions or even non-verbal expressions and gestures.

Natural Conversation StoryTelling System

is the process that allows StoryFile Life users to record their own life stories by following a set of question scripts and retrieve those videos through natural conversational queries.

Interactive Memories

This is the technology that provides the ability to rapidly explore and revisit stories and memories in natural non-linear ways. You can explore memories through asking questions, or visually plot out your life stories on a timeline, map, or family tree.

Natural Language Processing

combines linguistics and artificial intelligence to parse, understand, and predict human language.

Artificial Intelligence

refers to computer systems that learn to perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence: recognizing words, patterns, or images, making decisions, manipulating objects. Computers are particularly well suited for behaviors that require sorting large amounts of data, faster than any human. At StoryFile, we use artificial intelligence to connect real human questions to real human stories.