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StoryFile Life brings

Face-to-face conversations across the boundaries of time and place.

StoryFile Life makes it possible to bring the people who matter most with you, wherever you go. Imagine your children making dinner with their great grandmother or you sharing your legacy with future generations.

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StoryFile Life helps you

Record video of yourself or a loved one answering questions about your life.

Your responses are saved so that future generations can ask and interact, creating an enduring opportunity for face-to-face encounters that connect generations.

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Your Story

Your legacy lives on through the power of conversation.

With StoryFile Life, you can make your experiences and your essence permanent. Our technology allows you to make genuine connections and impact lives, even after you're gone.

Their Story

The gift of sharing a legacy that lives on forever.

Enable a loved one to share with the people they love most today, and generations in the future. Work alongside them to record and preserve their legacy and share it with the ones they care about.

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